Should you pay for API logging?

API logging is a key feature of any API Management platform, although it is normally only provided as an upgrade or enterprise only feature. Not to mention the fact that in most cases it requires some additional work to setup and configure.

At InstantAPI our philosophy has always been to provide all of the tools that a company needs to build, host, support and sell their API Platform.

So enough talk let’s take a look at some of the API Call Logging support in the InstantAPI platform via our Audit Management screen.


Here you can see both the overview and the expanded view of each API call that is made to your API.

As always we have attempted to keep the UI simple and only show relevant information. At a glance you can see all API calls made within the past 48hrs. The minimum data shown is the request made, the response sent and a breakdown on the latency of the call (covering our platform overhead and also the latency of any data/service or code that is behind your API Endpoint).

For users taking advantage of our advanced Subscriber Plan features such as per call pricing models (yeah that’s a mouthful…) you will also see the price of the API Call and how price was calculated.

It should also be noted that you can set up a web-hook to push all API Call Audit data in real-time to an external system for more in-depth analysis should that be a requirement. (You can find a guide on this on our support site.)

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