InstantAPI @TC Disrupt London

It has been quite a while since we published anything about InstantAPI and what our platform does. This has been on purpose as we get ready for our next major release which will be available and demonstrated on the 5th December at Techcrunch Disrupt London 2016.

In-fact this will be one the first times we demonstrate and make available our full Enterprise Grade API as a Service Server-less Platform features. All of which will be available on both our Pay2Play (Shared Server-less Cloud) and Appliance (Dedicated Private Server-less Cloud) products.

As a matter of policy we only charge a different price based on which deployment plan our customers use, rather than making certain features available only for higher premium plans. (Platform Features.)

For those that come and see us and say at Techcrunch Disrupt London 2016, there is a chance to win a 1 year free of charge Enterprise Grade API as a Service Appliance.

Look forward to a flurry of blog articles as we run up to December 5th.

See you at Techcrunch Disrupt 2016.

Scott Ling
CEO @InstantAPI


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