Easy API version control

Just like API logging, version control and deployment are key features for any API management platform. However, in most cases they are complex and expensive. For example, you get charged for each additional version that you create, or it takes you a lot of time to update the existing version of your API.

You won’t find any of this with us. As mentioned yesterday, our philosophy is to provide all of the tools that a company needs to build, host, support and sell their platform. Without breaking the bank.

We believe that we managed to capture our philosophy greatly with version control and deployment. The whole process of either creating a new version or updating a current one is only a few clicks away.

Now let’s jump right into our platform and see how everything we just said works in action. At a glance you can see that it’s very simple and clear to understand. You can have 1 active, 1 sunsetting and unlimited number of decommissioned versions.

As promised, here you can see that updating a current version or creating a new one actually is only a few clicks away.

Same goes for version control. Just by clicking on the version you can change its status.

This covers everything you need to know about version control and deployment using InstantAPI.

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