Custom notifications for you and your API subscribers

Whether you are close to hitting daily account limits, or one of your subscribers getting close to thier API subscriber plan limit, you want everyone to be aware of that ahead of time.

Not to worry! The InstantAPI .Run platform comes with an easy to use custom notification system that allows you to create custom notifications for your usage and your subscribers’ usage and more.

You can have as many custom notifications as you want and on top of that the whole process only takes a couple of clicks per notification rule as you can see below.

The process of adding a new notification rule is very easy and quick. You start by selecting the basics of who to notify (account owner or API subscriber) and trigger (it can be account, every API subscriber or you can do it for a specific API subscriber by specifying an API subscriber key).

Then you come to the logic, which allows you to set what kind of limits you want. The options available here are based on if the notfiication is to you the account owner or if it wil be sent to an end user (subscriber) of your API.

Next you need to speicify the frequency of the notification, notifications can be sent only once, once per day or once a calendar month.

By default the notifications are sent to your email account for account level notifications. You can add more channels to send notifications to via any chat or email integartions you have at account or API subscriber level. (more on this in a future article.)

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