API plan endpoint mapping

You may be wondering what exactly we mean with the title and the answer is this.

Most APIs have endpoints created that are not available to all users of that API. For example there can be some internal administrative based calls used by your APPs backend, a trial plan or basic plan that only exposes some API endpoints / features and more complex plans that have additional API endpoints / features.

This is normally quite a complex thing to achieve when it comes to API management, and making it as easy as we have was quite a challenge.

Rather than waste time talking about how we east we make this process, look at the video below to see this part of API Subscriber Plan management in action.


As you can see we have made it very easy to exclude or include any of your endpoints via simple drag and drop operations.

Once you save a Plan this will be deployed to your Pay2Play and Applaince Endpoints within seconds and ready for use.

This is only one small part of our API Subscriber Plan Management feature set, we will release more insights into our platform over time.

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