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Custom notifications for you and your API subscribers

Whether you are close to hitting daily account limits, or one of your subscribers getting close to thier API subscriber plan limit, you want everyone to be aware of that ahead of time.

Not to worry! The InstantAPI .Run platform comes with an easy to use custom notification system that allows you to create custom notifications for your usage and your subscribers’ usage and more.

You can have as many custom notifications as you want and on top of that the whole process only takes a couple of clicks per notification rule as you can see below.

The process of adding a new notification rule is very easy and quick. You start by selecting the basics of who to notify (account owner or API subscriber) and trigger (it can be account, every API subscriber or you can do it for a specific API subscriber by specifying an API subscriber key).

Then you come to the logic, which allows you to set

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API plan endpoint mapping

You may be wondering what exactly we mean with the title and the answer is this.

Most APIs have endpoints created that are not available to all users of that API. For example there can be some internal administrative based calls used by your APPs backend, a trial plan or basic plan that only exposes some API endpoints / features and more complex plans that have additional API endpoints / features.

This is normally quite a complex thing to achieve when it comes to API management, and making it as easy as we have was quite a challenge.

Rather than waste time talking about how we east we make this process, look at the video below to see this part of API Subscriber Plan management in action.


As you can see we have made it very easy to exclude or include any of your endpoints via simple drag and drop operations.

Once you save a Plan this will be deployed to your Pay2Play and

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Easy API version control

Just like API logging, version control and deployment are key features for any API management platform. However, in most cases they are complex and expensive. For example, you get charged for each additional version that you create, or it takes you a lot of time to update the existing version of your API.

You won’t find any of this with us. As mentioned yesterday, our philosophy is to provide all of the tools that a company needs to build, host, support and sell their platform. Without breaking the bank.

We believe that we managed to capture our philosophy greatly with version control and deployment. The whole process of either creating a new version or updating a current one is only a few clicks away.

Now let’s jump right into our platform and see how everything we just said works in action. At a glance you can see that it’s very simple and clear to understand. You can have 1

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Should you pay for API logging?

API logging is a key feature of any API Management platform, although it is normally only provided as an upgrade or enterprise only feature. Not to mention the fact that in most cases it requires some additional work to setup and configure.

At InstantAPI our philosophy has always been to provide all of the tools that a company needs to build, host, support and sell their API Platform.

So enough talk let’s take a look at some of the API Call Logging support in the InstantAPI platform via our Audit Management screen.


Here you can see both the overview and the expanded view of each API call that is made to your API.

As always we have attempted to keep the UI simple and only show relevant information. At a glance you can see all API calls made within the past 48hrs. The minimum data shown is the request made, the response sent and a breakdown on the latency of the call

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InstantAPI @TC Disrupt London

It has been quite a while since we published anything about InstantAPI and what our platform does. This has been on purpose as we get ready for our next major release which will be available and demonstrated on the 5th December at Techcrunch Disrupt London 2016.

In-fact this will be one the first times we demonstrate and make available our full Enterprise Grade API as a Service Server-less Platform features. All of which will be available on both our Pay2Play (Shared Server-less Cloud) and Appliance (Dedicated Private Server-less Cloud) products.

As a matter of policy we only charge a different price based on which deployment plan our customers use, rather than making certain features available only for higher premium plans. (Platform Features.)

For those that come and see us and say at Techcrunch Disrupt London 2016, there is a chance to win a 1 year free of charge Enterprise

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